Healthy Cookery Workshop

20th April 2017
 Healthy Cookery Workshop
6 Children accompanied by mums, uncles and nan's, have just completed a cookery course entitled 'Healthy Cookery Workshop'.
This course was funded by Family Learning and lead by Debbie and Mrs Turner.
The objectives of the 4 week course was to
  • Make a range of healthy, economic, tasty meals.
  • Understand Kitchen safety
  • To compare the price of shop bought against home made.
Each week the families cooked a meal together which they took home to eat. The meals were Pasta Bake, Chicken & Green Pepper Curry, Chilli Con Carne and Sweet & Sour Chicken.
Skills included how to follow a recipe, vegetable preparation and sauce making. The children learnt about Kitchen Safety and how to use a knife.
While learning to cook delicious meals, the families also discussed healthy options, how to identify hidden high levels of sugar and salt in processed food; the cost of each recipe and how to use less meat, but more vegetables to increase the amount, but not the cost.
By the end of the course each Family had made up a pack containing recipes, Change 4 Life 'Top Tips for Top Kids'. Information on Hazards in the Kitchen and a 5 a Day Quiz.
At the end of the course the favourite meal was Chilli and the evaluations showed that the children and adults had learnt new skills and had a better understanding of how to prepare and cook healthy meals for the whole family to enjoy.
It was a huge success!