British Values

British Values

It is the policy of the governors and teaching staff of Riverside Primary School to promote the following values:

The right to Individual liberty

The right to Mutual Respect

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Respect for Democracy

Respect for the rule of law

We aim to promote these values through planned activities across the curriculum and alongside our SMSC policy

The main objectives of such work are:

Appreciation of the need for government to make policy to keep safe and promote wellbeing of all the population.

Appreciation of the rights of all individuals to freedom from abuse and exploitation

Appreciation of the rights of all members of society to have a vote in how the country should be governed.

Appreciation of the individual’s right to respect from all members of society regardless of sex, creed, colour or religion.

Appreciation of the expectation to care for the elderly, poor, sick and disaffected in our society.

Appreciation that the rule of law is to protect the rights of all individuals.


In addition the children will explore the values and virtues different people have demonstrated throughout their lives. As well as considering at the appropriate level what it means to be a hero despite being human and imperfect

Year Group Heroes

F1 / F2 – Eric Morecambe                                    Y4 – J. K. Rowling

Y1 – John Lennon                                                  Y5 – Lord Leverhume

Y2 – Florence Nightingale                                     Y6 – Noel Chevase

Y3 – Mo Farrah                                                     Willows - L S Lowry