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Home Learning 06.07.2020
Giraffes Can't Dance. 
Phonics - What is your favourite jungle animal and why? Can you draw a picture of it and have a go at writing the initial word sound? e.g e for elephant.
Practicing name writing - Gerald is a lovely name for a giraffe! Can you practice writing your name in different ways? You could use cereal to create the letters or use your finger on a steamed window.
Animal actions - Gerald lives in the African Jungle. Can you think of any other animals that live in the jungle? Can you move around the room pretending to be different animals? You could roar like a tiger on all fours or stomp around swirling your elephant trunk.
Music - Can you have a go at making your own music? You could make a rice shaker using an old bottle or tube to shake or a pan and wooden spoon as a drum.
Measuring - Gerald the giraffe has a very long neck and long legs. How tall are you? Can you measure yourself? You could cut a piece of string to keep a reminder of how big you were at this time.
3D Shapes - Can you make some different 3D shapes out of play dough? Can you name any of the shapes? You could also make animals using your play dough.
Feelings - Gerald is very sad at the beginning of the story when all the other animals laugh at his dancing. How do you think he feels at the end when the animals say he is the best dancer they have ever seen?
Counting - Pause the story on page 7. How many warthogs are waltzing? How many rhinos are rock and rolling? How many lions are tangoing? On the next page, how many chimps are cha-cha-chaing?
Home Learning - 29.06.2020

Good morning F1! I hope you are all well. Please find your home learning activities below. Apologies if you could not find last week's work - it had scrolled to the bottom of our web page! It is now in the right place if there are any activities you would like to try.

Phonics – This week, our sound is ‘p.’ Can you draw a p-p-pirate? 


Writing – Have a go at writing the letter ‘p.’ 


Make a treasure map and hide your favourite toy. You could stain the paper with tea bags or coffee. Don’t forget – X marks the spot!


Make a pirate hat! 


Lazy Town – You Are a Pirate dance! Have a go at joining Sportacus in this fun dance! There is also our favourite dance to do as a class – Just Dance – A Pirate You Shall Be.

Find out how a pirate ship works.


Look for a story about a pirate. You could write your own story and draw lovely pictures to go illustrate your book.


Make a pirate chest out of an old box. Put some treasure inside.

Look at the Twinkl home learning pirate sheet. See if you can do any activities.


Weekly Learning 22.06.2020

Hello F1! Please find below your learning ideas for the week ahead. Love from Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xx


Phonics: This week, our sound is 'p.'  You could find things at home or outside that begin with 'p' and add them to a silly soup! Why not have a go at writing the letter? 


Reading: Read the story Jasper’s Beanstalk.

Story link: https://www.slideshare.net/MarAbellnBallesteros/jaspers-beanstalk1 

Imagine a giant beanstalk grew in your garden! Draw a picture to show what you would like to find at the top of your beanstalk.


Make a beanstalk! You could use recycled materials. Use your clever hands to cut out leaves. You could paint the leaves and maybe add a sprinkle of glitter to decorate! 


The beanstalk was very tall. Can you find 5 things in your house that are taller than you and 5 things that are shorter than you?


Look at the vegetables in your fridge. Name and describe the vegetables, by colour, shape, texture. Find out how and where they grow. Choose one of the vegetables to draw and colour it in.


It is healthy to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Count how many portions of vegetables you eat each day for a week. You could keep a chart cutting pictures of the vegetables from the packaging or drawing them. At the end of the week count how many different types of vegetables you have eaten.

Are they different colours, shapes and textures?

Home Learning w/c 15th June 2020

Hello everybody! Please find below the learning activities for this week. Love from Miss McNabb xx


Phonics – This week, our sound is ‘o.’ Can you write the letter o? You can tune into Read Write Inc Phonics sessions on Youtube. Could you draw an o-o-octopus to go in your under the sea scene!


Listen to the story Tiddler by Julia Donaldson https://www.slideshare.net/nikkitester1/tiddler-the-story-telling-fish - to view the story.


Under the sea scene – Tiddler lives under the sea. Can you make an under the sea scene? You could use pencils, paints or crayons. You could even make your own fish and shells like this egg carton example.


Make your own boat – In the story, the fishermen catch Tiddler in their fishing net. Can you make your own boat? You could make it out of lollypop sticks or paper. Does it float? You could test it out in the bath, down a stream, in your sink or even a puddle!


Telling the time – Tiddler is always late! Look at a clock in your house, can you point out all the different numbers to an adult? Can you trace the numbers with your magic fingers or write them down?


Sea creatures – What other creatures live in the water? Can you draw and label some? You could look at the story again to help you.


Octopus – do you know how many tentacles an octopus has? What other creature do you know with the same number of legs? Can you find out any interesting facts about an octopus?


LOST! When Tiddler got caught in the fishing net, his real adventure started. But his class at school were probably feeling worried when he didn’t turn up! Can you make a missing poster for Tiddler?


Counting – Look at the final two pages of Tiddler. How many fish are there? How many other sea creatures? How many altogether?


Weekly learning activities – 08.06.2020

Good morning F1! I hope you are all ok. Keep up the hard work you have been doing at home. Love from Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xx


Phonics – This week, our sound is ‘n.’ Why not make a n-n-net and catch objects that start with n? Have a go at writing the letter.

To recognise: Do you have a ‘n’ in your name?

Reading – Read your favourite story with a grown up. Can you draw the front cover? Can you say why it is your favourite story?

Writing – Can you create labels for your toys? Cut out some paper or use label stickers. Write down the names of toys or pencils. Ask a grown up to write with you.


Maths – Be a robot ready to receive directional instructions. Forward, turn left, stop, step backwards.


This week, we are looking at under the sea.

Imagine you have found a magic shell. You could go on a walk to the beach to find the perfect shell. This shell will give you one wish. Write down what that wish will be!

Why not decorate your magic shell! Take a photograph and put it on our school Twitter, using #AlwaysARiversider.

Teach your family how to sing ‘1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive!’ Remember to show them the actions too.

Make a sea creature paper plate! You could make a crab, jellyfish, fish or mermaid! Talk about the steps involved in making your sea creature. Use scissors to cut wool or paper to decorate.


 BBC Counting Songs

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer

Five Little Ducks

 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

10 Fat Sausages


Good morning F1! I hope you have had a lovely week enjoying the sunshine. If you have done anything exciting last week please share it with us on our Twitter using #AlwaysARiversider. Mrs Owen and I will be looking for our Five Star of the week so please make sure you are sharing your lovely learning with us. 

Love from Miss McNabb xx


Phonics – This week, our sound is ‘n.’ Have a go at writing the ‘n’ sound. Can you find anything at home that begins with ‘n’? You can watch the clip from Read Write Inc on Youtube.


Writing – This week, let’s have a go at forming our numbers correctly.


Exploring arts and design: Make a 3D model using junk. You could design it on paper first and label the different materials you are going to use. When you make your model, why not paint it?


Using the computer: Continue with Purple Mash activities. You could try out Mini Mash.


Use scissors to cut out pictures from a magazine. You could cut out pictures of toys you like, or make a scene using different people and backgrounds.


Complete a jigsaw. Can you do it on your own?


Practice tying knots in a lace or on a piece of string. How many knots can you tie?


Maths: Go outside and find 10 sticks, shells or stones. Can you put them in order from smallest to largest? Can you count them correctly?




Good morning Acorn Class! I hope you are all feeling fantastic! This week, we are looking at being kind. It is Mental Health Awareness week this week and to get involved it would be lovely to hear how you are kind to others and how you help them feel happy. ❤


Kindness Challenge: Have a think about how you can be kind and helpful this week. Talk to a grown up or brother or sister about ways you have been kind.


Find a jar or box. Decorate a ‘Kindness Jar.’ You could paint it, Paper Mache it or colour in paper to wrap around it. Each day this week, try to do something kind. Ask a grown up to help you write down your act of kindness. You could share your act of kindness by video and tweet it using #AlwaysARiversider. Don’t forget to send some lovely photos of your Kindness Jar! There is a template below for kindness cards if you need them.


Enjoy being kind! We can’t wait to see how thoughtful you all are. Love from Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xxx


Phonics – ‘i.’ This week, our sound is ‘i.’ Can you draw an i-i-insect? Design an insect and an i-i-igloo for him to live in! What else begins with ‘i’? Practice writing the letter ‘i.’

Writing – have a go at writing your notes to go in your kindness jar.


Purple Mash – There are lots of activities to do on Purple Mash. If you have finished, why not go on Mini Mash when you log in. If you need your child’s login, please email mcnabbo@riverside.wirral.sch.uk for the username and password.


Maths – Draw a grid with 10 boxes. In each box, write numbers 1 to 10. Using lego pieces, put the correct amount with each number.

Number formation – practice writing numbers to 10.

Shape – Fishing for shapes. Use sticks (or fishing rods if you have them) to catch shapes. You could put blue paper or fabric on the floor to be the sea. Ask your child to find shapes using the specific shape name. Ask them to describe the shape, for example if it is a circle encourage mathematical language, ‘round.’






Good morning F1! I hope you are all happy and healthy. It is lovely to keep seeing all your gorgeous work on Twitter so please keep sending it through!

Stay safe! Love from Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xxx


Star Jump challenge: Mr Walsh has challenged us to beat Faith in Year 6! She did 71 star jumps! See how many you can do and ask a grown up to film you! Tweet it using #AlwaysARiversider.


Phonics – ‘t’. This week our sound is ‘t.’ Have a think about some words or objects that begin with ‘t.’ Could you build a tower using blocks, lego or use something else? Think of something different that you could build a tower with. Have a go at writing the letter ‘t.’

Writing/ Mark making – Last week was the 75th anniversary of V.E day. Can you scribe and draw what you did to celebrate?


Expressive arts and design: Can you create a flag of Great Britain using your handprints?


Shadow drawing – Choose one of your toys and a piece of paper and take it outside on a sunny day. Then you can use the shadow to draw the outline of your toy.


Water painting – Find a paintbrush and use a container of water. Paint a fence or the ground and see what happens! Does it change colour? Does it disappear? Does it take a long time to disappear or is it a fast process?


Listen to a CBeebies Podcast! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p089k824 Close your eyes and imagine you are on the safari with Duke and Delilah. What animals did they find?


Maths: Draw a ladybird on a piece of paper. Draw some spots on one half. Ask your child to draw the matching number of spots on the other side of the ladybird. How many spots altogether? How many spots on one side? Can you have a go at writing how many spots there are?


Make some number cards and ask your child to order the numbers from smallest to largest. Ask your child to close their eyes and then take a number away. Your child then has to work out which number is missing! You could do this with shapes and objects.

Treasure map – Design a treasure map for your garden or your house. Where is the treasure going to be hidden? Maybe you could hide some treasure and ask somebody to use your map to find the treasure!


For Purple Mash logins, please email Miss McNabb: mcnabbo@riverside.wirral.sch.uk

Weekly Updates


Hello F1! I hope you are all ok. There has been lots of lovely work completed in the past few weeks and I have loved being able to see it! Thank you very much. If you can, continue with your Purple Mash activities.

We really miss you all! Love from Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xxx


Phonics: This week our sound is ‘d.’ Can you draw a d-d-dinosaur? Decorate your dinosaur. Is he hungry? Think of some foods or objects that your dinosaur might want to eat, or play with! Get a grown up to take a picture and share it with #AlwaysARiversider.

Can you have a go at writing the letter ‘d’ ? Follow the rhyme:  

Around the dinosaurs bottom, up his tall neck & down to his toes.


Writing: Practice writing using your clever fingers! There is a dinosaur mark making sheet, see the image below.


Reading: Share a story together. Talk about what happens at the beginning of the story, any animals or objects you might spot and what happens at the end of the story. Ask questions to see if they can remember any character names. If there are any numbers within the story, can they recognise and remember the numbers observed?


P.E - Practice throwing different objects to one another. Make sure to stand a fair distance away from one another, adjusting if needed. Throw a ball, soft toy or even some ribbon. Can you catch it all? What was easiest to catch? Why do you think that was?


Understanding the world: Test objects in your home to see if they sink or float. Talk about what happens. Why do you think that sank? Why does this one float?

PSED: Discuss three things that have made you happy today.

Expressive arts and design: Make a card for a neighbour and post it through their letter box.

Why not have a go at making your own paint? See the steps sheet below.


Maths: Set up a snack shop in your house using some coins. When your child wants a snack, discuss how much each item of food costs, e.g an apple is 5p.

Weight: Collect some objects from around your house and see if you can order them from lightest to heaviest.

Empty all your socks onto the floor. Can you now find the matching pairs? How many pairs do you have?




Good morning F1! We hope you are all ok. Thank you so much to the children who joined in the Chasing Rainbows challenge to sing our Acorn Poem. You were all fantastic and it was lovely to see you all! *****

Love from Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xxx


Phonics: ‘s’. This week our focus sound is ‘s.’ Could you use a bowl and make silly soup? Sing “We are making silly soup.” Add in items that you find that begin with s. Don’t forget to mix it all with a spoon! Don’t forget you can have a Read Write Inc Phonics session on Youtube!


Writing: Get some paper and draw some dotted lines across it. It could be a wavy line, zig zag, swirly or straight. Can you draw along the dotted lines in one movement? Try and stay close to the line.

Have another go at writing your name. Practice makes perfect!


Maths – Number: Practice estimating the number of items in a group of up to 10. Count them to see if you are right.

Play some board games! It’s a fun way to keep counting.


Understanding the World: Look at the picture below of the people who help us. Can you paint or draw a picture of somebody who helps you?

What would you like to be when you grow up? Let us know and tweet us using #AlwaysARiversider.


Good morning F1! I hope you all had a lovely Easter holidays and are staying safe. We really miss you all!

Mrs Lahive has set us a Chasing Rainbows challenge!

1. Watch the video clip to see Mrs Owen and Miss McNabb read the Acorn Class Poem.

2.Read our class poem. Ask a grown up to record you reading the poem.

3.Tweet us @Riverside_Pri using #AlwaysARiversider. We can’t wait to see how fantastic you are at remembering our poem!

 Keep up the amazing work! Love from Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xxx


Phonics: This week our sound is ‘a.’ Find as many objects as you can beginning with ‘a.’ Bounce the ‘a’ sound. ‘a-a-apple.’ ‘a-a-ant.’Have a go at writing the letter! Use the rhyme ‘Round the apple, down the leaf.’ Show us your writing on Twitter! We love to see what you are doing at home.


This week we are looking at patterns.  What is a pattern? Look at the video clip ‘Learn Patterns with Milo the monster.’ Can you make a repeating pattern using blocks? It could be by colour, by shape or by size?

Patterns in the world: Patterns can also be found in nature! Have a look in your garden and use a camera to take pictures of any patterns you can see. Look closely at leaves, flowers or even trees! There are lots of patterns to find.

Pattern art: Can you design a beautiful pattern? Use pens, pencils or pom poms, twigs or grass to create a lovely design. Take a picture and tweet us using #AlwaysARiversider.

Patterns in music: Use instruments, pencils, spoons, any object to make a pattern of sounds! You can make the sounds loud or quiet, fast or slow!


P.E/Counting –Fitness and dance videos are on our Keeping Healthy page. Enjoy spending time outdoors to exercise. Can you do ten jumps? Count how many you can do:






Number: Make some flashcards with numbers and spots. Use them to order the numbers and match up with quantities.

Pattern maths challenge - can you make a repeating pattern using blocks or lego?

Shape: Find items at home in the shape of a circle, square, rectangle and triangle. Trace around the object to reveal the shape! Take a picture and tweet using #AlwaysARiversider.

Pattern shape challenge: When you have found items at home in the different shapes, why not use them to create a pattern? Take a picture and tweet using #AlwaysARiversider.





 Good morning Nursery! I hope you are all still well and trying your best with work packs and other activities during our time away from school.

This week, why not practice writing your name? Parents could write the name of the child in yellow pen or highlighter and children can write on top. That way, we are keeping up with our skills learned in school! Some of you are already fantastic at writing your first name independently. Why not try writing your last name next!

 Phonics - Sound Focus - 'm.'

This week, our focus will be on the m sound. Your children might say “Maisie, Mountain, Mountain.” Why not go on a hunt round your house to find objects beginning with m? You could take photographs of what you find or draw them! Show us using the #AlwaysARiversider. For forming the letter, use the rhyme ‘Down Maisie, over the mountain, over the mountain.” 


Reading: Look at your food cupboards, catalogues, magazines etc. What company logos can you recognise? E.g. Costa, Disney, Asda, Tesco, Heinz, McDonalds, Peppa Pig etc. Perhaps you could cut them out and stick them on a piece of paper. 

What is your favourite story? See if you can retell it to a grown up.

 Maths - Number

Practice your counting skills. Can you count to 10? Can you count even higher numbers? Keep counting! Let us know how high you can count by tweeting and use the #AlwaysARiversider. You could sing our favourite counting songs too! BBC School Radio is a fantastic resource for songs. BBC Counting Songs

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer

Five Little Ducks

 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

10 Fat Sausages

You could look for numbers around your house and say the number you see. Show on your finger the value of the number. Take some photographs to show us what numbers you have found!

 Maths - Shape

Go on a shape hunt in your house and garden! See if you can name the shapes of the objects you see. We are all very good at recognising a door is a rectangle! You could play Name That Shape with your grown ups or brothers and sisters.

Moving and Handling

Why not practice throwing and catching skills in the sun? You could count how many times you catch the ball.

Play the animals walking game! Walk, crawl, slide or bounce like different animals, such as bears, tigers, kangaroos or crabs.

Cosmic Yoga is perfect for relaxing! See our Keeping Healthy page for links to Cosmic Yoga.

Getting Arty

F1, I know how much you love art and getting creative! Why not use paint and make a handprint caterpillar like the one below?

You could even paint lego pieces and stamp them on paper to create a beautiful pattern or design.

Stay safe everybody! Keep up the hard work! 

Love from Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xxx


Hello F1! We have just received the most exciting message from our friend Father Christmas! Watch his video message below! 
Love from Miss McNabb, Mrs Owen and Santa! x x x
Riversiders... it's Wednesday!
That can only mean one thing... Mr Dodd's Assembly.
Watch, sing and dance to it together, at 9.30am, here https://youtu.be/_GYvaNgMXOA Thank you Mr Dodd!
Hello little Acorns!
I hope you are all keeping healthy and washing your hands to keep those germs away!

Your challenge for this week is to continue with your pack of work. I am sure you are doing so well, please keep it up!

Please see our Keeping Healthy page for some of our favourite indoor exercises!


Your bonus task is to take a look in your garden. Can you see any beautiful flowers, busy bees or curly caterpillars? Draw and colour what you see in your garden. Parents, feel free to print the template below or use plain paper! Link to template here.



Our caterpillars are beginning to turn into pupas. They will soon be butterflies! I have put some pictures up for you to see how much they have changed since we were in school. Don’t worry! They are safe in Miss McNabb’s house and are getting bigger every day! To watch the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, click on Caterpillar to Butterfly


Stay safe and healthy everybody. Keep being 5 star! Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen are so proud of you all.



Riversiders... it's Wednesday!
That can only mean one thing... Mr Dodd's Assembly.
Watch, sing and dance to it together, at 9.30am, here https://youtu.be/_GYvaNgMXOA Thank you Mr Dodd! #AlwaysARiversider
Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xxx
Final Home Learning - 13.07.2020
Good morning Acorn Class! This is our final week before the summer holidays!  This week, I would like you to think of something you have enjoyed doing in Acorn Class this year. You could write it down, or ask a grown up to video you telling us what you had fun doing in Nursery. 
Miss McNabb's best memory this year was doing lots of baking and singing together. 
Maths - Draw a hoop on the ground with chalk or use a hula hoop. Ask an adult to place items inside such as lego. Time yourself to see how long it takes you to count them all. See how quickly you can count up to 10 items.
Create a maths poster all about you! You can include your birthday and how old you are, the number of people in your family, the number of letters in your name, how tall you are and how many pets you have.
Writing - Practice writing your name for big F2! You could also practice number writing and drawing shapes. 
Although our year together was cut short, I will always treasure our time together in F1 and all of the lovely things we have done. You were my first class and you have made me proud everyday. I hope you will have a brilliant time in F2 and I will see you through the big F2 door in September - come and give Mrs Owen and I a wave! Lots of love, Miss McNabb xxx
Good morning Riversiders! It's Mrs Lahive here!
Hope you and your family are all keeping well. On this page your class teacher is going to be setting you weekly challenges every Monday.
Your first challenge is to complete your work pack that you took home from school and do a little act of kindness for someone everyday.
I want you to do this like the five star Riversider you are.
On Monday your teacher will set you your next challenge.
For each weekly challenge you complete there will be 100 points awarded.
When we get back to school we are going to take all of you who have made a five star effort with your challenges, on the trip of a lifetime!
Challenges will include all sorts of things such as spellings, times tables, art and staying healthy exercises. You do not want to miss out!
Love to you all,
Can't wait for us all to be safely back in school xx