What is Forest School?

The children in the Foundation Stage visit the Forest School once each week. F1 and F2 pupils have the opportunity to work and play together, whilst developing their ability to co-operate and socialise with one another.
There are opportunities for free choice, where children can explore their own interests, including tree climbing, mini beast hunts and our very popular mud kitchen!
There are also structured activities, which will have a particular subject focus.
The children are constantly learning new physical skills such as tree climbing, working with a partner to carry heavy logs or working with tools.
The natural surroundings offers lots of opportunities to use maths skills on a larger scale. It is a great place to develop mathematical vocabulary and search for shapes in the environment.
Speaking and Listening
Forest School develops the children's skills of listening to one another and paying attention to other children's ideas. Children learn differently in the outdoors and lots of talking opportunities are created as they explore and work together.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development is however the primary focus of Forest School. The teamwork and social skills they learn, will positively impact on children throughout their lives.