FAST Project

26th May 2016
Our FAST Project is now half way through and all involved have been making some delicious meals for other families!
What is the FAST Project?

Every week there will be a prize lottery on the door, the prize is a basket of gifts, one for each family member plus a family game. Every family will win once.

The family that wins will cook the meal for the next week. The winning family can then choose what they want to cook.

The programme starts with a 5 minute welcome, where parents introduce their family, then everybody sings the FAST song together. On the first session only, families make a flag each decorating a section with something personal to them.

Next, families play `scribbles’ they are each given a printed squiggle and have to make a picture out of it.

The next hour is for parents to sit and relax and chat whilst their children go with Fast Team to play.

Children then serve their parents the previously cooked meal.

After that your Year 1/F2 child spends 15 minutes on a one to one with their parent/carer while the remainder of the family play.

Just before the end of the session the prize lottery is drawn then we finish with the rain song.