Our visit to Stick'n'step

Today a select few from school went to visit the charity Stick'n'step. 

Stick 'n' Step works with children and young people with cerebral palsy, and their families, from all across North West England and North Wales.

We gave them £250 as they are totally self funding.
We went into classroom saw Harley having physio, he's and 12 such a happy smiley boy.
We visited the parents room, which looks just like a front room to make them feel comfy with a kitchen next door so they can cook etc. They can observe what they're children are doing from in there as well. 
We also went in their sensory room, this allows children to have a bit time out which is shown in one of the pictures.
Finally we visited their bathroom which had a large bath were children have foot & hand baths with sage in water for relaxation.