Teachers' Weekly Updates

**17th July 2020**


Hello, Willows Family! Is it Friday?  Is it 3.15pm?  If so, that means you have made it to the end of the school year – congratulations! What a strange year it has been. Thank you so much for all your hard work during Lockdown.  It has been great to see you doing the Beat the Teacher Challenges and seeing your hard work on Purple Mash, Mathletics and all your other online work.  We are so proud of you, and so grateful to your families for being so involved.


School is now closed for the summer holidays, but you can still access activities on Purple Mash, Accelerated Read, Mathletics and Active Learn.  For those of you who have Mathletics logins, you have been set a Summer Challenge – “How many activities can you complete over the holidays?” – so why not give it a go!


For those of you moving to new schools in September, we wish you the happiest of times there.  Your Willows family will miss you very much.  We know you will be successful and make lots of new friends – and maybe even meet up with some that you already know!  When restrictions have lifted some more, we hope you will come and visit us and let us know how you are getting on.


For those of you returning to Willows in September, we really look forward to seeing you.  You will know that Mrs Lyons is leaving today – and we will miss her very much.  When restrictions have lifted, we hope we can have a nice assembly for her.  Your teachers for September will still be Mrs Airosa and Ms Gordon, and we will be joined by Mrs Charles.  We’re all really excited to start another new year with you.


For now, have the best summer.  Make sure you enjoy yourselves and take care.

Lots of love,


Mrs Airosa, Mrs Lyons & Ms Gordon


13th July 2020
Good morning, Willows!  How are you all?  I bet you're excited that this is the last week of the school year?  Do you have any exciting plans for the summer?
I know how hard you have been working, at home, for these last few months.  Keep it going for one more week!  You have new activities on Purple Mash, Active Leanr, Mathletics etc.  As well as these, try to get your reading done and pop on to Accelerated Read.
The Beat the Teacher Challenge was revealed in our assembly on Friday.  You can watch Miss Richards giving it a go on our YouTube channel.  If you give it a go yourself, tell us about it or video it and pop it on our Twitter page - @RiversidePri - and remember to use #AlwaysARiversider.
Keep going and keep staying safe. xx
6th July 2020
Good morning, lovely Willows!  How are you all?  It's only two weeks until the Summer Holidays - can you believe it?  You've all been working so hard and will deserve that break when it comes.
This week, you all have new work set on PurpleMash/ Active Learn / Mathletics etc - so please can you continue working on the activities?
The Beat the Teacher Challenge was set on the assembly on Friday of last week - try to give it a go.  If you haven't seen it, pop over to our YouTube channel and give it a watch.  You can post your results/videos on our Twitter (@Riverside_Pri) and use #AlwaysARiversider to make sure we see it.
I hope the sun continues this week, as it's easier to get outside in the fresh air when it's not raining.  If it does rain, pop on your raincoat and wellies and go and jump in some puddles with your grown ups!
Miss you all. xx
29th June 2020
Good morning, Willows!  I hope you and your families are all well.  We are missing you very much.  
This week, we would like you to continue working on your activities which are set on Purple Mash, Active Learn, Accelerated Read, Times Tables Rockstars etc.  Thank you for putting in so much effort to do the work I have set for you - I enjoy seeing what you have been doing.
As well as that work, I would like you to have a go at this week's Beat the Teacher Challenge - remember to check the Friday Assembly on our YouTube channel to see what the current challenge total is.  You can post your own results/videos of the challenge on our Twitter (@Riverside_Pri) and don't forget to use #AlwaysARiversider so we can see it.
In addition to these challenges - I would like you to write / draw what you are looking forward to for school in September.  I am looking forward to seeing you all again and doing our cooking - what should our first recipe be?
Missing you all. xx
22nd June 2020
Good morning, Willows, how are you?  The weather is meant to be getting very warm this week - so make sure you stay safe when you are out in that sunshine.  Drink lots of water, wear suncream, wear a sunhat, wear sunglasses - if you have them - and find some shade to take a break.
When you're not enjoying the weather, throw yourself back into your school work!  Your work has been updated on Active Learn, PurpleMash, Times Table RockStars etc.  
As well as this, it is National School Sport Week.  Your challenge is to complete this week's Beat The Teacher activity - it's the Skipping Challenge this week.  You can see the challenge on Friday's Assembly on our YouTube channel.  If you give the challenge a go, share your results with us on our Twitter (@Riverside_Pri) and don't forget to use #AlwaysARiversider .
Have a look at www.youthsporttrust.org/pe-home-learning for some other PE challenges this week.  Let us know what you get up to.
Stay safe and well. xx
15th June 2020
Good morning, Willows, how are you all?  Today is my mum's birthday, so we will be eating lots of cake.  Is there ever not a good reason to eat cake?!
I hope you had a good week, last week.  Did you manage to join in some of the Puffin Dream Big activities?  We drew our dreams and made storyboards.
This week is Refugee Week.  Your challenge is to do one of the activities from the Children & Young People Pack, here - https://refugeeweek.org.uk/get-involved/at-your-school/
Obviously, I'd also like you to carry on with your Purple Mash, TimesTable Rockstars, Active Learn etc - new work has been set.  Thank you for doing all the work you have done so far.
Also, don't forget this week's Beat the Teacher Challenge - you can find it on last week's Friday assembly on our YouTube channel.  You can share your challenge, and any other work and activities you get up to, on our Twitter page - @Riverside_Pri and remember to use #AlwaysARiversider.
Hope to see you all soon xx
8th June 2020
Hello Willows.  How are you all?  Well last week was all over the place with weather, wasn't it?  Did you manage to make your rockets?  Did they fly?
This week's Beat the Teacher Challenge was shown on the Friday assembly.  Have a watch of it to find out what it was - and give it a go.  You can share your result with us on Twitter (@Riverside_Pri)
Please continue with the wonderful work you have been doing on Purple Mash, Active Learn, Times Table Rockstars etc.  New work has been set again for you for this week.
This week, Puffin Books & Waterstones have a week long festival called Big Dreams.  Your challenge this week is to draw / write about your Big Dreams.  You can find some ideas here... https://www.penguin.co.uk/puffin/dream-big.html  There are plenty of sessions you can join in with too - I'm excited to get started.
Hope you are all keeping safe. xx
1st June 2020
A very happy June to you all!  Did you have a lovely week off?  The weather for the last few days has been amazing, hasn't it?  Did you manage to play outside/ in the garden?  I hope so.  We got the paddling pool out in the garden, and tipped our sand tray on to the ground and pretended we were at the beach.  (Mr Airosa is not best pleased that the grass is now dead!)
Did you watch the SpaceX NASA rocket launch on Saturday night?  Wasn't it amazing?  If you didn't manage to see it, ask your adults to show it to you on Youtube.  Our challenge this week is space themed.  I would like you to make your own rocket at home.  Maybe this one won't get into orbit, but we can use our imaginations!  Here is an example, from Sainsburys(?!), of how to make one.  https://recipes.sainsburys.co.uk/articles/fun-stuff/transform-a-bottle-into-a-rocket-in-6-easy-steps  Feel free to use these instructions, or make up your own - but ask for help from your grown up.
As always, new work has been set for you on PurpleMash, ActiveLearn, Accelerated Read, Mathletics etc.  Please send us an email (willows@riverside.wirral.sch.uk) if you have misplaced your login details.
I've also read the next chapter of Judy Blume's The Pain & The Great One in Soupy Saturdays for you.  You can listen to it here.  It isn't of my face this time, as I spent a little bit too long in the sunshine and I don't really want that recorded for everyone to witness.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WabucIHo0w
Mr Dodd's assembly will be back on Wednesday, and Mrs Lahive's 5* assembly will be back on Friday.  You can find the links to these on our Twitter account (@Riverside_Pri)
I really hope you are all safe and well, and we're all missing you a lot. xx
Good morning, lovely Willows!  How are you?  Did you know that this week is Mental Health Week?  Well, now you do!  The theme for this year is KIND and, for your challenge, I would like you to think of all the different ways you can be kind.  How can you be kind to the people you live with?  How can you be kind to the environment?  How can you be kind to the wider community?  How can you be kind to yourself? Can you carry out an act of kindness every day this week?  Let me know what you get up to. 
I might be kind to my feet and wear slippers all week.  I hope my girls will be kind to me and help pair up all the clean socks from the tumble dryer - as it is one of my least favourite jobs.  I've been kind to you(!) by recording another video story, which you can find here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtpEqQeQ_Fo It is by Judy Blume and @MacmillanKidsUK have allowed us to share it with you.  
Please remember your activities on Purple Mash, Active Learn, Accelerated Read etc.
Mr Walsh set another challenge in Friday's assembly.  Here is a link to it - https://www.youthsporttrust.org/sites/default/files/Socks%20in%20the%20Box.pdf.  It's a Socks in a Box Challenge.
Please remember to stay safe, and stay at home as much as possible.  We miss you, but everyone being safe and well is the most important thing to us. Xx
Good morning, Willows!  How are you all?  Did you enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend and celebrate VE Day?  What did you do?  We ate a lot - and I mean A LOT - of scones with cream and jam.  I think some may say we ate too many!
This week, as well as working on your set work on Purple Mash, Active Learn, Accelerated Read etc, I would like you to have a go at the PE Challenge - Star Jump Challenge.  Mr Walsh managed 65 in 60 seconds.  Can you beat his score?  Why not video it and post your score on our Twitter (@Riverside_Pri).  I've popped the challenge underneath this post.  If you can't see it, here is the link - https://www.youthsporttrust.org/sites/default/files/Star%20Jumps%20Challenge%20.pdf
Oh, favourite part... you get a third story from me.  This week it is Hansel & Gretel by Bethan Woollvin.  Find it here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri1HVn_TH0I&t=16s
Stay safe and well. xx
Good Morning, Willows!
How are you all?  How are your family?  The weather has been all over the place this week, hasn't it?  I'm glad that we got sunshine over the weekend.
This week is a 4 day week as Friday is a Bank Holiday - woop woop!  I would like you to continue with the work that is being set for you on Purple Mash / Mathletics / Active Learn etc.  You've been doing really well at it.
Your challenge for this week is to make shadow puppets from your hands.  I've attached an image, below, of different animals you can try and make.  See how many you can do.
As well as this, you lucky bunch get a second story from me. It's another story by Bethan Woollvin, and you can find it here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca2UtomlM-I&t=10s
Oh, and remember, Mr Dodd's assembly is every Wednesday, and Mrs Lahive's 5* assembly is every Friday.  You will find links to them on our Twitter (@Riverside_Pri) or by going to Corona Virus Updates, Assemblies on this website.
Have a good week.  Miss you all xx 
Good Morning, Willows!
How are you all, and how are your family?  It's important to me to know that you are looking out for each other.  
This week, as well as your usual online work, I would like you to ask, "How are you?" to someone in your house, every day - and I want you to listen to the answer.  If they're happy - ask them what's making them happy.  If they're sad - suggest some things which might put a smile on their face.  I know you are kind and caring children, so this will come easy to you!
As an additional delight, you get me reading you a story today.  If you click through to this link, 
, you will be entertained by me for about 7 minutes!  You could listen to the story at Happiness Time (3pm) or just before bedtime or whenever you find time.
Maybe you want to tell me a story?
Mrs Airosa xx


 Welcome back, Willows!  Have you had an egg-cellent Easter holiday?  What did you get up to?  Have you consumed your body-weight in chocolate?  If you have, you're best starting this week with Wake up Shake Up! 

 This week, as well as the packs and the activities you are set online, we have an extra challenge for you.  Remember our class poem about The Willow?  What do you mean you don't?  It's on our classroom door!  Anyway, we would like you to...

 *) Write your own poem about willow - you could record yourself saying it.


*) Find out some facts about willow - write them down.


*) Draw, colour and label a willow tree

 Once you have done this, please ask your adult to share it with us on our twitter - @Riverside_Pri - and remember to use #AlwaysARiversider.  

 I look forward to seeing what wonderful willow work you create.

 Mrs Airosa xx

Good Morning Willows!  How was your weekend?  Did you manage to get active?  My girls challenged themselves to do 1000 bounces on the trampoline - I was tired just watching them!
As well as carrying on with your activities on TimesTable Rockstars, Purple Mash, Active Learn, Accelerated Read etc, I have a new challenge for you this week.
I would like you to build a den.  It can be an inside den or an outside den.  You could use blankets and chairs and tables - but ask your adults first!  When you've built your den, you could do some of your work in it.  Please take a photo and pop it on our Twitter (@Riverside_Pri) or email it to alwaysariversider@riverside.wirral.sch.uk  
Remember to tidy everything away when you are done.   The girls and I will join in the challenge too - I may hide in the den for a long time.
Happy den building!
Mrs Airosa xx
Good Evening Willows!  We have just received a very special video message, which we were asked to share with you.  Look underneath this message to watch it.  Enjoy!
Mrs Airosa xx
Good Morning Willows!  So, it's not strictly a week since our last update but, it's Wednesday, and that means Mr Dodd's Assembly.  Tune in here - https://youtu.be/_GYvaNgMXOA - at 9.30am.
Mrs Airosa xx



Good morning Willows!  Have you all had a good weekend?  We are now on Day 10 of self-isolation and we need some exercise for sure!  This week, I would like you to continue working on your work packs which we sent home.  I would also like you to be active! 


You can start by heading over to Wake up Shake up with Mrs Weatherall - turn your speakers up!  Then, everyday at 9am, there will be 30 minutes of children's PE available from The Body Coach YouTube Channel - check here for the daily videos.  Everyone can join in.


Please remember to share any work you have been doing, or activities you have been getting up to.  Your parent can do this using their social media and using the #AlwaysARiversider.  Remember not to include any names on the post - for safeguarding.  You can also check our Twitter - @Riverside_Pri for info and updates.


Make sure you check out your Year Group page, too, for extra ideas and challenges.

Get active!

Mrs Airosa xx

Good morning Riversiders! It's Mrs Lahive here!
Hope you and your family are all keeping well. On this page your class teacher is going to be setting you weekly challenges every Monday.
Your first challenge is to make a start on your work pack that you took home from school, and do a little act of kindness for someone everyday.
I want you to do this like the five star Riversider you are.
On Monday your teacher will set you your next challenge.
For each weekly challenge you complete there will be 100 points awarded.
When we get back to school we are going to take all of you who have made a five star effort with your challenges, on the trip of a lifetime!
Challenges will include all sorts of things such as spellings, times tables, art and staying healthy exercises. You do not want to miss out!
Love to you all,
Can't wait for us all to be safely back in school xx
Good morning Willows!
The website Twinkl is offering all families one month free access to all downloadable resources. There are games, worksheets, presentations etc. Here is a guide on how to do it https://twinkl.co.uk/blog/how-to-utilise-twinkl-during-the-coronavirus-shutdown-a-guide-for-parents and the code is UKTWINKLHELPS
Happy Twinkling!
Mrs Airosa xx
Hello Willows!
This is your 3rd day of no school - how is it going?  Me and the girls are on Day 5 of self-isolation and today we found a great draw-along activity.  The author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph, is hosting a draw-along every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am.  You need to ask your parent/carer to access one of his Social Media platforms (have a look at our Twitter for a link) at that time, and follow along with his drawings.  It is good fun.  Good job we put coloured pencils in your take-home pack, isn't it?
Happy drawing.
Mrs Airosa xx
Hello Willows!
I hope you are all coping with being at home.  Have you been working through your packs of work?  There is an awful lot of work in there for you to do.  Remember, you can also go online and use the learning platforms you have login details for - Mathletics, Active Learn, Accelerated Read, Times Table Rockstars etc.  Oh, and don't forget you can go on Hour of Code too!
If you fancy an interesting story, read to you by astronauts in space, have a look at this website... www.storytimefromspace.com  There are tonnes of stories to choose from - which one is your favourite?  I wonder why the books float around?
Stay safe and well.
Mrs Airosa xx